Friday, 1 June 2012

Waiting for the coating to dry...

As I'm sitting and waiting for the 1:st coat to dry, I thought I should try and get my second post done! One of the many benefits of using a nontoxic coating is, you don't have to leave the building! As a matter of facts when we did the floors at our own place we slept in the house! No one was effected by the smell and we could carry on with our daily life even though we had to camp out in the living room. The kids loved it and it has been a special treat for the kids to sleep on their mattresses in our lounge room ever since that day. They love to jump and wrestle and be a bit crazy. So no problems when using Bona's nontoxic and non yellowing polyurethane, to necessary leave the house. There have been many times when people have moved their furniture to a couple of rooms or garage and had only to be off the floors just when its wet (for 5 hrs). That's one of my priorities when dealing with people, to make as little interruption to their daily life as possible. Oh the coating is drying so I better get back to work.. See you soon!

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