Monday, 1 October 2012

European oak herring bone parquetry.

My friend Leif and I installed this European oak parquetry on a concrete slab. We had to do a moisture barrier before we could glue the parquetry. The difficult thing was to work out where to start as the herring bone pattern went diagonaly instead of straigt towards the light (back balcony doors) which is the most common way of laying! Afterwards the kitchen and all skirtings, architraves, tiling, painting, electrics and appliances where installed. I was the last one to finish as it is recomended to have as few workmen afterwards as possible. The floor was finished in Bona Traffic matt finish.


  1. Such a lovely timber floors. I wish I could have soon. Anyway, thank you for sharing such post like this, for sure, many bloggers would appreciate this one just like me. More power to you and I look forward for more of your related post soon.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I realy apreciate it!!