Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Gardenvale Primary School hall.

I got the opportunity to sand and polish the Gardenvale Primary School hall and entrance thanks to Nikki Gaal who mentioned my name to the vice principal Julie Pitts. As a matter of fact that's how I get most of my work, through word of mouth. I'm glad they went with Bona's non toxic polyuruthane for the sake of the children. They choose Bona's Traffic HD extra matt finish as it's easy to maintain and has the lowest VOC of any polyuruthane coating. Of the many benefits using Bona's range of products, I think the fast curing (24hr) Traffic HD is the greatest, as this one allows you to use the floors quicker. The Bona Traffic HD is also 40% more wear resistant than the 'normal' Traffic making it the top of the line for use in schools, restaurants or any public place or home. As with any Bona products it brings out the 'natural timber look' as it doesn't change colour as some solvent based poyuruthane does. If you're after the strongest non toxic polyuruthane on the Australian market you can't go wrong with Bona Traffic HD. For more info please check out www.bona.net.au

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