Sunday, 27 April 2014

Renovating a teak outdoor table.

The owners of this imported Spanish teak table ( Ketal) asked me if I could help them with finishing the table. I sanded it to a 100 grit finsh as I do with deckings. Enough to be smooth but still absorb some oil. We used a Norwegian decking oil called Flood Deks Olje ( for teak and other fine boating woods). I started with 2 coats and then it's a once a month wipe over to keep it looking good.

Here are some photos:


To keep it from going grey and getting water stains, it needs to be wiped over once a month with the oil. If its in direct sun and weather. Otherwise if under cover maybe once 6-12 months to keep it in good condition. It's all a matter of personal prefrence when you think it's needed. But do it more often than not to keep it to your liking.

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