Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Oakleaf Versailles French Panels

When I started this floors I asked the owner Lily where she had bought this floor from. She told me she had got it from and it came as ready made panels. So it didn't take long to lay according to Lily! It did take some time sanding due to the many directions of blocks in each panel. First thing I did was to do some colour samples on the floors to get the desired look that Lily wanted. As she really liked the colour, she asked if it also could be used on the skirtings, architraves and handrail. After a sample on that timber she decided to go for it there as well. So I instructed the painter how to use it before I started the floor sanding. I started on the top floor and then continued on the stairs and finished on the ground level.
I did a direct stain with my slow spinning polishing machine using a soft cloth over a nylon pad. Using Bona Dri Fast Provincial stain on oak realy highlight the nice grain. I then used Bona Prime Intense as the primer and Bona Traffic matt as the 2 finishing coats. On the stair steps I put on Bona's R10 rated antislip coating as it was stipulated by the local council befor the certificate of occupancy could be issued.

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