Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Get your measure righ!

As I was laying a parquetry floor and getting to the end of it, it was realised that there wasn't enough timber. The owner had measured from the plans and missed some. When we measured the actual floor space it turned out to be 8 m2 larger than what was measured from the plans. The owner had to chase more parquetry and it turned out to be difficult to get more straight away. It took almost 2 weeks untill it came. So make sure you measure the actual space and get someone else to measure as well to get a second opinion. Nothing worse to be short or if you bought the last batch. Allways allow 7-10% more for waste and some spares incase a repair is needed in the future.


  1. Well Thanks Richard first !! we must look the skill for the skill person who are quite experience in this particular field.. if we go through like that ,, i think the margin of error will be less.

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  2. Thank you for your comment Steve! I think you're right. It certanly pays to have a skilled person doing the job. Less mistakes and a result you can enjoy for years to come.