Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Maintenance of a wooden floor.

As I come across a lot of timber floors, it always astounds me that the maintenace has never been explained properly. People gladly wet or steam mop their timber floors and wonder why the timber is swelling and cupping. As I say to my customers: NEVER WET MOP a timber floor, instead use a damp microfiber mop. As what Bona is offering in their maintenace range or any other brand for that matter. As I'm familliar with the Bona range of products, I realy like that they offer a maintenance coating wich the owners can apply them selfs. Here is a link to Bona's maintenace pdf:


  1. There is a wide variety of species to select flooring from and the right species for a given application will be dependent on numerous factors. Information relating to species selection, environmental assessment, finish selection and recommended maintenance routines is to be known before installing hardwood timber flooring

  2. Thank you for your comment! I certanly agree with your comment! Your web site looks good!

  3. I agree with you. If you want to preserve your wooden flooring for a long time-period then regular maintenance is very necessary. I hope the products offer by you for the maintenance of wooden flooring will help people.  

    1. Thank you for your comment Perth Timber Flooring! It certanly prolonges the life of floors if you do it in time. Cheers