Thursday, 6 June 2013

A table becomes a workdesk.

This old pine dining table was destin for the tip, berfore I suggested to renovate it. The owner and I came up with the idea to transform it to a work desk and a shelving. So the first thing was to cut it to desired size. Then sand and polish it to a smoth 100 grit before staining it with Bona's Dri Fast white stain. When I sand and polish tables or desks without staining I finish on 150 grit sandpaper and then with a 320 grit scoura. With staining one have to leave the grain open to let the stain soak in, therfor I don't sand finer than a 100 grit. After the staining was done I used Bona's Prime Intense and Traffic Matt finish to protect it. It's non toxic and non yellowing so it stays true to its original colour.
Here are some before and after shots.

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