Monday, 3 June 2013

Bona's new timber floor maintenance kit.

The new maintenance kit from Bona makes it realy easy to keep your timber floors clean. As it comes as a handy spraypole, you can clean and spray in one action one handed. It cleans tiles as well. You can use it dry for dust for a real quick clean when you don't want to drag out the vaccume cleaner. The benefint with this typ of cleaner is that you will never wet mop the floor as it gives out a fine mist. So there is no risk of the floor boards cupping or the parquetry pieces to lift, as can happen if to much water is used over a prolonged time. You can buy a concentrate wich you dilute with water from either me on 0424-530990 or you can order it from Ezy Floor products  in Melbourne on 03 9543 4399. Makes cleaning easy and quick.

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