Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nord Living. A Scandinavian shop in South Melbourne

My sister in law Madeleine and her partner Maurice bought the Scandinavian shop Nord Living in Hawthorn. They relocated it to 220 Clarendon street South Melbourne to gain more space and a better possision. The new shop space needed the shop counter to be relocated from the middle of the room. It was inbuilt around a copper post. So I had to do an inlay in the counter to fill the hole. Maurice and Madde wanted a black infill wich workes well with their black stool infront. After the counter was moved the place was painted. Then I sanded the Yarrah floors as the counter left some exposed flooring. So the whole floor had a sand and polish with Bona Traffic HD Satin finish. It made the floor lighter and brought out each individual board. The whole floor looks more interesting as you get more colours showing instead of masking them as solvetbased polyuruthane does. So if your in the neighborhood, pop in and say hi to Madeleine and Maurice and check out their great selection of Scandinavian stuff!

Some b4 shots.

Some after shots.

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