Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Protect your floors from the sun.

It has been a very hectic spring leading up to christmas.I had a short 1 week break, then got stuck into it again. I will put together some of the jobs I have done over the last few months shortly. As we are currently having a heatwave here in Melbourne, with temps between 35-41 degrees. It certanly gets hot when the machine is on. But beeing a swede who dosn't mind a sauna, it's ok. When you have temps over 30 it's not ideal to coat flooring. It's good to have the aircon on and block out direct sunlight. As timber changes colour when exposed to prolonged sun light. It 's a good idea to have some reflective film or window coverings to protect the floor.
That's all for now! 
See you soon!

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